Online and offline assessments of your Greatest Assets.

We know that your greatest assets are your people and our online and offline assessment centres can help ensure that you select and nourish the best in line with your company’s core competencies.

Online Assessments

Whether you’re checking personality, ability or skills our online testing assessments will help increase your chances of selecting the right person for the job or help identify training and development needs.

All the assessments are quick and simple to administer via email directly to the candidate for completion.

Comprehensive rankings and detailed reports are available in a multitude of languages and allow you to make well informed decisions.

Offline Assessments

These face to face assessments are quickly becoming one of the most utilised forms of people measurement and for good reason. Administered by our objective EFPA qualified expert assessors, either on an individual or group basis, they add another level of understanding in identifying high potential staff.

Whether for career and succession planning, establishing developmental plans or providing individual feedback on interpersonal strengths and weaknesses the assessment centres will be a great advantage to your business.

We work with our clients to tailor the assessment centres to link to the company’s competencies and can run any combination of Psychometric Assessments, Management Simulations, Analysis Presentation and Group Leadership exercises.

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